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Brazoria: Phone: (979) 798‑7433
Address: Brazoria, TX
Columbia: Phone: (979) 345‑2469
Address: West Columbia, TX

Brazoria & Columbia Veterinary Clinics Diagnostics

Brazoria & Columbia Veterinary Clinics offer advanced diagnostic services in our Brazoria and West Columbia, TX office locations. Our mission is to provide exceptional preventative and medical care for companion pets, exotics, and large animals (horses, cows, goats, sheep), and we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment and technology that allows us to deliver accurate diagnosis results in a timely manner.

Horse receiving an x-ray

At Brazoria & Columbia Veterinary Clinics, our experienced team is committed to making sure your pet is happy and healthy at all times. We strongly believe in routine preventative care to identify potential illness and disease early, which allows our doctors to provide effective diagnostic and treatment options for acute and chronic medical conditions.

Brazoria & Columbia Veterinary Clinics operate an in-house lab on site, so we are able to obtain quick results after blood work tests and offer same-day treatment options for our pet patients. We also offer the following veterinary diagnostic services:

  • Digital Radiology—digital x-rays provide an enhanced look at your pet's internal health and helps us assess any issues in the heart, lungs, kidneys, and reproductive organs. We also use digital dental x-rays for dental cleanings and oral exams.
  • Ultrasound—Ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic imaging tool that helps identify reproductive conditions and abdominal/renal issues such as internal obstructions or kidney stones. Ultrasounds are also available for our equine and large animal community.

To learn more about Brazoria & Columbia Veterinary Clinics in-house lab and diagnostic services, please call us at our Brazoria location at (979) 798-7433, or our Columbia location at (979) 345-2469.